Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The River

It´s easy define the people. I see workmen, leaders, unafraid men, big children, losers, lazy people, and so many things that can see and talk about somebody. But is so difficult define anything about ourselves. Maybe because the day has 24 hours, and it is enough time to be all of that. Or just is easier look for something to do than look for something to be.

Our untreated soul in a conflict with our conscious generated by the Spirit, take us into a small turbulence, where born the necessity to find peace, rest, and enjoyment. The easy way to find this is look around, take a note, define, and do equal. By the way the marketing teach that the success can be copied and applied. And the Best for suppress the conscious is when we get in a great project that started a long time ago and now is a great project, because you will have return for all the investment that was done. In fact inside this way you can find enjoyment, rest, and peace, but unfortunately will pass. It´s like build a cistern with fissures in the walls on the side of a fast river, is impossible stop the river to build a dike, so you must fill the cistern yourselves. But the water is so fresh that look all the work worth. But the cistern will dry, you will need refill, and over time the water will again and again, and the fresh water won´t look a award anymore, and without disposal the enjoyment will be changed by the tiredness, and not so long the grudge appears, and with little water the walls of the cistern start broke their selves, and could kill somebody inside.

The other way is more difficult, just because don´t have any map about it. Nobody entered inside and walked across it with the same formula. But exist one sure about this way, that it is like the river, and always be refill by the fountain. No more try does something to suppress the conscious, but just be and the conscious comfort us.

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