Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Horizon from East to West amid vapor of the hottest weather, I note the flutter line, which dance with the wind, be changed by a lot spot that looks more and more a cloud of locusts coming and dragging from the horizon.

Despite increasingly clear, I can´t describe what it is. The spot that now looks something bigger, don´t have any organization like we can see in an overflow of buffalos or like a drop in rain on us. They doesn´t seem are going through the same way, the same direction, or are looking for the same target, however is strange that all seems increasingly closer.

Even though don´t understand, I begin fell what happened there. In a fast moves seems to be afraid, scare, in moves that like a paper plane in the wind, it´s easy see that exists bewilderment , and I note that some there undesirable and lived forms is blinded in fact. In the way I fell that there exist also anguish, pain, cry, sadness, hungry, angry, all the feeling that can fell in somebody without a way or target for your life, from the easiest to the most obscure. Instinctual, or better without thinking about, I run to meet them, still I don´t knoe what they are or how many they are, I know that I can´t let they alone, not on this hot sun. I must shelter them.

As I approach, conclude that this beings was coming in fact, still they never moved straight, in theirs freak trajectories their ever are more and more close. I can´t discover what they yet, I think because I´m running so fast, but I don´t know why, they looks much familiar. But I don´t want stay here thinks about I want just shelter, and when finally catch and hug one I can see and feel that this was exactly what it need. I must try hug all of them.

Was hard, no one stops to me, I need run, jump, and whirl, to be able to comfort and care them. Still in first moment I got hug a god number, the other don´t seems be approaching anymore. When I try follow and go along with one, I ended up losing the other one that I was got. Anguish born inside me, follow by frustration, the Sun is letting me tired, but can´t giving up.

After all sweat was drained, I saw, more than ever, how familiar these beings are. I´m so tired to think what in fact they are, but still are a real distinction, they are like me a lot: Don´t going through any way, don´t looks going to any place, and in fact don´t have a target. Letdown is all that I can look for. Move on regardless, Die it´s all can I do.

I kneel in surrender. Look around and see terrible creatures amid the beings, introducing scare, frenzy, and death. The residual will and sense of duty that hardly are inside me, go away before was happening. And now frustration, failure, and empty is all I has inside me. Oh how I would like be eaten by this beasts, but they didn´t approach!

When I punch the ground, I fell something solid. And when try see and understand what is, the tears appear and rollout of my face like a waterfall. It´s the most beautiful piece of old wood. Still it´s unclean and dusty I didn´t and can´t forget what is this. My staff! The Lord of the field gives it to me! The best person I ever know! The loveliest, and the most affectionate. He fined grace in me, I´ll never forget! And forever will love you. How dream with you comfort me!

Cleaned by the renew bath, I wake up, and like the Lord of the field taught me in the past, I look for the beast, that now I know that are wolfs, I swash my staff, and they run away. I pay attention for the beings and have the most beautiful glimpse of prettiest creatures, adorned by a gold mantle, white like a snow, and pearl eyes. The favorite creatures of the Lord of the Field: His sheep!

Instantly the sheep that was lost in futilities and surrounded by the fear come to me. And listen, and agree, the easy knocks of me staff. And enjoy the nicest tour, we arrive in the house of the one who found grace in me. I recline my head in his lap, and listen his word, as soon as I feel that I ready for the others sheep.

I discovery, the better way to conquest helpless sheep is build stables. You don´t need touch in staff in this cases, they simply comes. To the tired sheep, ohw !!!, hay! They snuggle, and roll, like be in home! While to the painful, I build dams, what is better for pain than gymnastics in the water?! And in the end, all of them come to entrust in my staff.

Now I can see the unusual form of my staff, it´s a cross!

Glory to God, because do His biggest sacrifice the biggest love expression even done! That attract us, comfort, molding, and make us so happy! I love you! Jesus! (Hugo Soares)

For everybody who decided induce opinion, be light, and leaders. God ever will give to us His sheep. And ever will be tempted to be intimidated or pressure. The easiest way always will be let be affected, but never will be the best, it´s never easy to see. Still you don´t do awesome things, the cross, ever will do the distinction! So listen Him and let be filled. Take the cross, and conquest!

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