Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“IÂ’m waiting here for my life to change,
When the waters stir you can rearrange me.
Just one touch is all I need,
IÂ’ve nothing much but the wounds I feel,
IÂ’m looking for the hand of the miracle man.

Holy, you are holy,
Who was and is and is to come.
Holy, you are holy, Savior, Healer,
IÂ’m standing at the feet of the miracle maker.”

                            (part of the “ Miracle Maker” – Delirious?)

My heart is tight… I need your touch, touch of holiness, touch of cure. I can´t leave out my feeling, the soul is not to be crucified… however I can´t work with base at my feelings, can´t leave myself to the emotions. Oh Lord! Sometimes that is so confused, so difficult… how many times I hurt somebody? Or suffocated?... I don´t have anything unless the wounds I feel, no conquest, no glory, no lordliness. I can only be standing at your feet Lord, crying for your touch. I not trust in me to justify myself anymore, so I wouldn’t do this… my place is not upstanding face to face you, and so standing at your feet.

I love you Jesus! My Lord! Above everything!

I can´t continue doing this.

I trust You to calm the storm in my life, and raise me again!!!!


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