Sunday, June 7, 2009

I don´t know how many time or how many cases, I employed my meaning as it were absolute truth, and not only in situations of my life as well as the lives of others. When someone asked me an advice or simply opened your heart, I ordered him, and no direct him to look for the solution, basing me in thoughts that were in agreement just with my vision, and so many times that´s broken principle and no conform to desire of God.

Why it? What make me taking decisions (include decisions in other lives) basing me in my meaning, my emotions, my thoughts. Maybe I am a super christian, and I don´t need pray a lot cause the all of desires of God are in me, or judged that “john” is unable to learn with God. In fact, my mind don´t work so, but I operate as if it were so. I conclude that this occurs because everyone has something within himself, a justice sense, or better, a strong injustice sense, which is similar to ideas that we have without asking why. Notwithstanding I don´t use my mind or my emotions to take decisions today, I figured that I acted based in this “justice” sense. Maybe this is the cause why the active persons were so dictators sometimes (there want to talk at any cost, but… why?), and why the calm persons feel wronged more easily (this is injustice practice too!).

The truth is that nobody is free from mistakes (sin), until the last moment everybody (include me) will subject to this corrupt human nature. So we mustn’t let to think, but after we prove our thoughts we must use the faith to take a decision. No forget:

Faith to think

Reason to believe

This post isn´t a public confession only, it´s a warning to us. We have still much dirt, and any natural decision could be remnant of that old nature. We must base in principles to do (reason to believe), decide on faith (faith to think), aware that

"Every Christian cause an impression in one way or another, through their conduct. Every step you make a chord vibrating throughout eternity. Every step you touch in keys which sounds will reverberate throughout the mountains and valleys in the sky and all the dark caves and galleries of hell. In all the movements you are exerting influences that will affect the interests of eternal souls around ... "(Watchmann nee)

and Lord justice is love, love that give a grace (through Jesus sacrifice) so that we act for free!

God bless you!

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